SAFER team members and other associated people

Advance Team


From left to right:
Sev Gunes-Lasnet (RAL Space)
Mark Woods (Scisys) -also RCC
Derek Pullan (University of Leicester)
Andy Shaw (Scisys)
Wayne Tubby (RAL Space)
Lester Waugh (Astrium) -also RCC
Aron Kisdi (RAL Space)

Local support

Guillermo Chong
Patricio Arias Ortiz

Main Chile team

Michel Van Winnendael (ESA)
Elie Allouis ‎(Astrium)
Tor Viscor
Steve Pugh
Olivier Humeau
Rafik Hassen-Khodja

RCC team

Some of the RCC team

in no particular order:

Jorge Vago (ESA)
Luc Joudrier (ESA)
Andrea Merlo (TAS- I)
Craig Leff (UCL)
Andrew Griffiths (UCL)
Susanne Schwenzer (Open University)
Dave Barnes (Aberystwyth University)
Laurence Tyler (Aberystwyth University)
Gerhard Paar (Joanneum Research)
Valérie Ciarletti (LATMOS)
André-Jean Vieau (LATMOS)
Jean-Luc Josset (Space-X)
Iain Wallace (Scisys)
Mateusz Malinowski (Scisys)
Kim Ward (RAL Space)
Gregoire Marchetaux (RAL Space)
Srikanth Nagella (Catapult)
Lorraine Moody (Catapult)

Hilde Schroeven-Deceuninck (ESA)
Sue Horne (UKSA)

Other support

Sarah Smart (RAL Space)
Arthur Dafis (Aberystwyth University)
Jeremy Close (Astrium)
Margherita Buoso (ESA)
Christop Wichmann (Scisys)

Special thanks to

Andreas Kaufer (ESO)
Frank Ruseler (ESO)
Andrew Wright (ESO)
Daniel Gaytan (ESO)

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