SAFER – Sample Field Acquisition with a rover
Demonstrate the use of a remotely commanded rover platform with three ExoMars instruments breadboards, during field trials, including:

  • Deployment and operations of ExoMars ”instrument suite” on a field trial
  • Remote operations
  • Investigation of a rover sample acquisition
    • Assessment of the effectiveness of outcrop search instrumentation using the ExoMars reference mission scenario
    • Elaboration and refining of the strategy and procedures to implement search and acquisition

SAFER will provide the rover operators and the science team with first-hand experience of:

  • Remotely operating a representative mobile platform
  • Acquiring field data from all 3 instruments, during field trials

For more information see SAFER Project.

The SAFER team:
RAL Space (project lead), Astrium, Scisys, MSSL, Joanneum Research, University of Aberystwyth, LATMOS, Space-X. University of Leicester, Catapult, funded by ESA and UK Space Agency

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