UAV images flight crew

UAV images flight crew

The interesting bits have been cropped, full images will be published next week.

We cropped away the interesting bits, full images will be published next week.

The UAV took this images from 400 feet height. This is only a part of the aerial image. You can see the road, the flight crew (Sev, Wayne and Aron) and our largest truck “The Beast”. This flight was surveying the opposite side of the road and you can notice a white rectangle, which is a GCP (Ground Control Point) marker, aligned north. 8 GCP markers were distributed at the edges of the site surveyed and geo-referenced using a highly accurate differential GPS. The accuracy of such a GPS is about 10 mm. With such an accurate control points the team can construct a DEM (Digital Elevation Map) which is an exact representation of the terrain both in longitude and latitude and height data as well. Additionally this accurate map will enable to RCC (Remote Control Centre) team to simulate the movements of the rover, and re-play traverses. Similar information would be available to a Mars rover from orbital data and from data of the descent module. Of course no flight crew would be visible on those images…


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