Local help

Local help

8am and already on the road

Guillermo Chong and Patricio Arias Ortiz (aka Raul) are ready to help the SAFER team to find the perfect site

Professor Guillermo Chong from Universidad Católica del Norte has been helping the SAFER team from the start of the project. His local expertise in geology and logistics has proved to be extremely valuable. His companion Patricio (aka Raul) will be our off-road guide during the trials. Raul knows the vast area of the desert like the back of his hand, and can take us to even the most unapproachable places.

Under Sev's watch

Derek and Guillermo talk about the geology of near-by areas

The Sun has only been up for 20 minutes, it’s 8 am and we’re already on the road discussing geology and potential trial sites. In fact our local helpers have been on the road for 2 and a half hours at this point! Hope they had breakfast!


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